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Peanut Butter Muffins

Would I be right in saying peanutbutter is a bit like marmite, in that people either love it or hate it
Hunan Beef With Cumin Recipe

Hunan Beef With Cumin Recipe

This Hunanbeefwithcuminrecipe is smoky, umami-loaded perfection. ShareA smoky bowl of HunanBeefWithCumin loaded with umami flavor and healthy kale

Homemade chocolate cake | Food From Portugal

When the cake is cooked, remove from oven and unmold. Separate the yolks from the whites. Add the chocolate powder, olive oil and mix for 3 to 4 minutes until it’s nicely incorporated. 125 grams (1 cup) chocolate powder
Soft honey garlic chicken

Soft honey garlic chicken

Add the honey and soy sauce. Move it through the pan to cover all the onion and garlic. Wash chicken cold water and pat dry with paper towels

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