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Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

If you’re looking for an idea of how to make your usual boiled veg a tad bit more interesting, here is a ridiculously easy recipe for roastedbroccoliandcauliflower

Lemon & Herb Chicken 4 Two

Divide the chicken and vegetables between two heated dinner plates and serve with a wedge of lemon for squeezing, if desired
Leek & Potato Soup {Recipe}

Leek & Potato Soup {Recipe}

I have to say, the leek and potatosoup that he made was delicious. leeks, cleaned and chopped - white and green parts
Crunchy tortilla Tostada with tuna

Crunchy tortilla Tostada with tuna

Spray the tortillaswith cooking spray or vegetable oil on both sides. Start plating the tostada and start with the smooth roasted tomato salsa

Bailey's Banana Colada

2 bananas, broken into chunks. 16 fluid ounces banana liqueur. 1✕ —In a blender combine the bananas and banana liqueur

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

11 strawberry, halved Strawberry straw-bare-ee Once available in Britain for just a brief period during the summer, strawberries are now a year…. 1Thread the lime slices and strawberry halves onto the cocktail sticks and place onto the edge of the glass, serve immediately

Piña colada

120ml pineapple juice Pineapple pine-ap-pel With its tuft of spiky, dusty green leaves and cross-hatched, golden orange skin, the pineapple…

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