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1 cup water. 11 cup white sugar. 11/2 cup brown sugar. 12 cups vodka. 12 tablespoons almond extract. 12 teaspoons vanilla extract
Spiced prawn and crab spring rolls

Spiced prawn and crab spring rolls

Spicedprawnandcrabrolls. spicedprawn & crabrolls. Although I have used prawnsandcrab meat, this works brilliantly with chicken, minced pork or just a selection of vegetables
Easy beef enchiladas

Easy beef enchiladas

Take a torilla, put two tablespoons sauce, add bean and minced beef mix. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes 200 gram minced beef
Irish Pork Stew

Irish Pork Stew

Season pork cubes with salt and black pepper. Cut potatoes in chunks and add to the stew, simmering until tender

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