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This is Halloween and apart from pumpkins (originally turnips for lanterns here in Scotland) and witches etc treaclescones are part of the Halloween traditions in Scotland
Creamy cauliflower soup

Creamy cauliflower soup

Put the cauliflower florets in a large soup pan. Cut the cauliflower in four. Cut one piece in small florets and set aside to use in the soup

Melt-in-the-middle fishcakes

1In a nonstick pan, fry the fishcakes on medium in 2tbsp sunflower oil, for 10 mins, turning every so often

Spinach and mushroom lasagne

400g fresh spinach. 1350g mushrooms (1 large punnet). 1lasagne verdi sheets (enough to suit your needs)Preheat oven 180'C/Gas mark 4. 1Blanch the spinach in one pan and gently fry the mushroomsand garlic in another with a little oil. 1Stir half of the cheese sauce into the spinachandmushroom mixture. 1Pour some mixture into a lasagne dish, then layer with lasagne sheets. 1Add another layer of sauce mixture then more lasagne sheets. 1Serve with homemade potato wedges and salad
Honey garlic shrimp

Honey garlic shrimp

Put the honey and soy sauce in the skillet. Quickly pan fry it before you add the finely chopped ginger and garlic

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