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Lovely Lemon Curd

Then, on a day where I managed to snag some beautiful organic unwaxed lemons, there was little else I could do other than make my tried and tested lovelylemoncurd
Easy homemade barbecue sauce

Easy homemade barbecue sauce

Add the soy sauce and apple vinegar and rapidly stir it through the onion mix. Immediately add the sofrito tomato sauce and stir

Mango cake | Food From Portugal

Wash, peel the mango and cut into small pieces. Turn off the oven and unmold the cake. Place the mango and the cinnamon in a blender and blend on high until obtain a creamy mixture, about 30 seconds. Add the mango mixture and mix for 2 to 3 minutes until it’s nicely incorporated. 400 grams (14 ounces) mango
Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Then sprinkle cacao powder on top of the pumpkin puree and the second tbsp of cinnamon powder. Then spread the pumpkin puree on top of the puff pastry
New York Style Raspberry Cheesecake

New York Style Raspberry Cheesecake

Treat Yourself To This Indulgent NewYorkStyleRaspberry #Cheesecake. The creamy sweet and tangy filling literally melts in your mouth, and pairs wonderfully with the delicious raspberry sauce
Moroccan freekeh with harissa aubergine

Moroccan freekeh with harissa aubergine

This Moroccanfreekehwithharissaaubergine was dee-lish. I found my freekehwithout any trouble in my local supermarket, but if you can’t spot it, any similar grains would work just fine in this recipe too (barley, bulgur wheat, spelt, etc)

Mom's Rum Cake

In another bowl beat eggs, water, oil and rum until frothy. Combine cake mix and pudding mix. Remove from heat and add rum

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