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Green pea chicken liver

Green pea chicken liver

Chickenliver with greenpeas, warm potato salad, and sauerkraut. I used to serve the chickenliver smothered in onion (no peas) with creamy potato mash and crunchy sauerkraut
Redefining Giz Dodo

Redefining Giz Dodo

Two instances of GizDodo in one night. Chicken gizzards -. This is wicked, wicked, wicked, dodo. GizDodo is a dish that is somewhat synonymous with parties and celebrations in Nigeria
We heart chicken hearts

We heart chicken hearts

The chickenheartswe devoured with such enthusiasm at Streat Helsinki left us craving for more. The wipe off the excess marinade, thread onto skewers, season with salt and pepper and grill on either BBQ or a griddle pan

Russian Cabbage stew with mushrooms

RussianCabbagestewwithmushroomsServings. For me, one of such winter dishes is stewedcabbage. If desired extra protein – serve the cabbagewith roasted chicken or sausages

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