Zuccotto uk recipes

Christmas-style zuccotto

Line a 1½ litre/2½ pint capacity round-bottomed bowl or basin with cling film. Place the brandy, orange liqueur and orange juice into a clean bowl and dip the madeira cake slices into it to lightly soak
Layered panettone and ricotta pudding

Layered panettone and ricotta pudding

Mix together half of the ricotta and half of the sugar in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Fold in half of the candied fruit, half of the almonds and half of the chocolate chips until well combined

Mini zuccotto

1. Line 4 individual pudding bowls or ramekins with cling film. 2. Trim the cake and cut into slices. 3. Combine the brandy, liqueur and orange juice, dip the sponge slices in the liquid and line the bowls with them