Yotam ottolenghi tagine recipes

Goat, Cooking and Eating - review

As well as recipes from James himself, he has also given us recipes from the likes of YotamOttolenghi, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (one of my food heroes), Olia Hercules (a fellow alumna from my old chef school Leiths), Jeremy Lee, DJ BBQ and Gill Meller to name but a few
I cooked!

I cooked!

recipe, as I also got YotamOttolenghi’s cook book “Jerusalem” for. big old terracotta Tagine that I got for Christmas

My favourite cookery books of 2014

Yotam. Ottolenghi followed Plenty with Plenty More (his other books, both Ottolenghi. I have always loved the Moro books (do make their tagines), and the Morito