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Vegan sticky toffee pudding

Duncan, our cat Tina and myself are wishing you all a very merry Xmas. Acidity in the apples and baking soda leaven the cake so both functions of eggs (leavening and keeping the cake moist) have been taken care of in quite an uncomplicated way
Cheatin’ Christmas… Don’t panic!

Cheatin’ Christmas… Don’t panic!

However I can absolutely assure you that there are not that many ready-prepared Xmas goodies that can’t be improved and given a home-made look by a splash of cream, a knob of butter, a dash of brandy and an ultra-confident assurance that yes, of course it’s all homemade, when your mother expresses surprise at the fact you’ve actually made bread sauce rather than elbow your way to the front of the queue in M&S
My Christmas Food and Gift Top 20 for 2015

My Christmas Food and Gift Top 20 for 2015

Buy On Line or at Xmas fairs around Surrey. If you are not a big fan of Christmas pudding (my kids hate it) then how about investing in a delicious slow baked white chocolate and vanilla cheesecake

These are a few of my favourite things #44

It's Saturday evening and I'm lying in bed having just eaten an entire tub of Xmaspudding flavour yoghurt, watching I'm a celebrity, wearing a onesie with the cat on my lap- as I just said on Twitter- form an orderly queue boys

Chocolat Supreme Cake

I also just want to take a minute to lust after my soon to be, xmas present to self. Ever the helpful daughter I made it a mission to come up with a pudding that could satisfy her love of choccy without the sugar
BBC Good Food Show Winter 2013

BBC Good Food Show Winter 2013

We picked up some of their beautiful Picalilli which we will be chowing down on with the Xmas leftovers I’m sure

Christmas pudding

Although, it is true that Xmas pud is always better when left for a few months to mature, even if it's as new and shiny as your freshly unwrapped Christmas presents, it is guaranteed to be far more palate-pleasing than anything you'd pop in your trolley

Stir Up Sunday! Triple Chocolate Christmas pudding

There is certainly no skimping on the booze in this alternative and it has the good sense to keep as long as traditional Xmas pud, so you can be more productive than you thought possible by making an extra to serve as a decadent Valentine's Day dessert too