Xmas dinner cake recipes

Xmas Grub – The Tastiest Xmas Cake Recipe Of All Time

Between catching up on WTF is going on with the school plays, WTF the kids really want from Santa, WhoTF is coming for dinner on Xmas Day, HTF the laundry is so out of control (I think it was riding and multiplying while we were away) and WhyTF didn’t we just leg it with the kids to the nearest Canary Island


HEALTHY XMASDINNER. You can also make yummy cake with the fibrous pulp it spits out (mmm cake. HEALTHY PANCAKES
Cravings, Celebrations and Vanilla & Walnut Latte Cake!!

Cravings, Celebrations and Vanilla & Walnut Latte Cake!!

To distract me I decided that I should really blog, I haven’t been able to do it in a while… sitting still isn’t easy, standing up is getting difficult, money has been scrimped for xmas AND work has been insanely busy

Would you like a Taste of Christmas?

Yes peeps, I attended my second Xmasdinner recently. At the Dille & Kamille Kookstudio, we got Invited by Taste of Christmas, to come and cook up a real christmas dinner with master chef winner Bart van Berkel

These are a few of my favourite things #44

It's Saturday evening and I'm lying in bed having just eaten an entire tub of Xmas pudding flavour yoghurt, watching I'm a celebrity, wearing a onesie with the cat on my lap- as I just said on Twitter- form an orderly queue boys

Talking 2 Hilmar Mulder

That must have been last year during xmas. During work related dinners your often asked if you have any special dietary requirements

January Detox Challenge II – The Results

What I’ll be doing will be eating low/no added sugar during the weekdays and evenings when I am more in control of what I eat, but when we go out or round others for dinner, I won’t sweat having the sweet treats that are on offer

Christmas Meal Ideas

Macaroni cheese- My Xmas is not complete without a serving of mac n cheese by the side of my roast dinner

foodie christmas traditions.

"We have a blini and cocktail party on Xmas eve. So simple but perfect to keep that hunger at bay whilst the house filled up with mouthwatering scents of Christmas dinner
And we’re getting there…

And we’re getting there…

I’m planning various Xmas ideas, including a ‘Christmas Pudding’ flavoured cheesecake. Xmas inspirations … decorations from George Home at Asda

Happy New Year 2017

Here are some of the most beautiful phrases and messages for xmas to send to your family and friends

What I spend in a week…

I will note that this is partly his Xmas gift as I often really struggle with what I should buy him. Friday – Finally, the weekend is drawing in and due to the fact I was going to be home late, I nipped to M&S for some lunch, dinner and nibbles

What I spend in a week – Part 2

By the way, G and I wore our most ugly Xmas jumpers to lighten the mood, we looked, well…I’m going to admit it, we looked pretty spectacular