Xmas decorations make your own with felt recipes

Christmas Haul and Prep!

The black polo neck has tons of room for bump to grow before Xmas, and will keep me nice and warm for last minute shopping but paired up with the red skirt and some wooly black leggings and boots it will be smart enough for church too

A classic Christmas at Narborough Hall

I particularly liked the copper snowflake decorations, which felt lovely in the hand because of the weight and coolness of the metal and of course the colour is beautiful

8 Things You Can Do While Your Kiddos Are In The Bath

And to make things all the nicer, the kids were in the bath the entire time. So why not let them at it, and rather than sitting on the toilet or the bathroom floor, counting down the minutes to when their little fingers officially turn prune-like, get on board with multi-tasking like a pro instead

A Xmas tree called Alex

It’s puppy Bea’s first Christmas… she’s loving Alex and all the children’s tasty decorations too…. I guiltily moved him to the back of the garden, apologising profusely and hoped a bird might make a nest in his crispy branches, or a dormouse might take some shelter underneath him…

How green is my Christmas Tree?

old keys and odd dominoes, as well as fabric decorations made from felted old jumpers and hessian. Eco decorations