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Are You Here

Lionsgate UK. That is, if a naked bum and a sight of an Amish pinny covering one's family jewels makes you chuckle

5 things we love about Philadelphia

Amish doughnuts. Pork Belly and I often have a debate about where in the world we could live if we weren’t rooted so firmly in English soil
Star Cookie Trees - Alberelli Stellati

Star Cookie Trees - Alberelli Stellati

uk. Amish in the U. I love this Amish saying and your heart. English / Italiano. Chapter 3. Rosie. (unfortunately no pictures I've taken
Fluffer Nutter Brownies

Fluffer Nutter Brownies

in the UK, and with British ingredients. fluffer nutter sandwiches were an Amish invention. When I first moved over here twelve years ago

Food Trend #3 - Whoopie Pies!

According to Matthias Kiehm the food director of Harrods, his store were responsible for bringing the whoopie pie over the the UK

The Pretty Pintastic Party #124

we finally get Mint Oreo’s in the UK. Amish Friendship Bread by Penny Pincher Jenny. HAPPY FRIDAY. Welcome to The Pretty Pintastic Party