The lake district lemon quark recipe recipes

Quark New York Cheesecake recipe

Using an electric food mixer (not food processor) or electric hand whisk, beat TheLakeDistrict Dairy Co
Recipe: Quark American Pancakes

Recipe: Quark American Pancakes

TheLakeDistrict Dairy Co. They also offer Quark- A naturally fat free dairy ingredient that is versatile, providing the perfect ingredient to the health concious baker or cook

Trying to be Good? Try Low Fat Lemon Mousse Pudding!

I have adapted this recipe from theLakeDistrict Dairy Co. I found this lovely Quark and Lemon mousse recipe which seems to fit the bill and is suitably summery and full of natural low fat goodness

Review: Cooking with Quark

TheLakeDistrict Dairy Company, who have launched their new range of Quark in the last week, sent me a hamper of goodies so I could try using it in one savoury and one sweet recipe