Slow cooker beetroot chutney recipes

March 2015 Favourites List

pudding cooked in the slowcooker - surprise. cooker Dal Makhani (creamy/buttery lentils) by Miss Masala, Mallika Basu

New in my Kitchen – Edition 4

A digital thermometer for use in the kitchen, I have used my Thermapen when making lots of different recipes, from tempering chocolate, to jam making, in baking for checking temperature of bavarois and then ensuring it had cooled sufficiently to add jelly on top for a Charlotte Russe, when defrosting and reheating frozen leftovers and for checking the temperature of roast meats cooked in the slowcooker
Beet Gajor- er Torkari:  Beet & Carrot Curry

Beet Gajor- er Torkari: Beet & Carrot Curry

We studied together, shared our food, we could tell what station the train stopped at even if we were not looking, or who would get up or when the train would slow down before a junction

Meal Plan 26/10/13

B - Overnight slowcooker porridge with apple & cinnamon compote. D - Real simple burgers with beetroot relish and cheesy chips
February No Waste Food Challenge Round-Up

February No Waste Food Challenge Round-Up

Jibber Jabber’s SlowCooker Pork and Orange Casserole. I used to make a pork with orange casserole so I was intrigued by the Slow Cook Pork and Orange casserole from Jibber Jabber

Cooking with Quince and Duck

After five minutes, my pan of quinces were still impenetrable, so I chopped them in half with difficulty and much muttering and set them to boil for about half an hour more, while I filled the slowcooker with the ones that would not fit in the preserving pan