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Take a look at our SlimmingWorld Speed Food List for some ideas of what to serve it with. This Syn Free Crustless Quiche Lorraine actually has waaay more flavour than a shop bought version and makes a great light meal on it’s own, or serve it with your choice of carbs for a more substantial meal

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Syn Free Crustless Quiche Lorraine. We check the supermarkets and food websites every week to find a selection of new products and special offers to help you stay on plan withSlimmingWorld

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Syn Free Crustless Quiche Lorraine. Syn Free Lasagne is packed full of Speed Food, and has still got the traditional creamy, cheesy topping thanks to using your Healthy Extra allowance of cheese and a nifty little trick withQuark
Individual Syn Free Crusty Quiche

Individual Syn Free Crusty Quiche

Beat the eggs with the quark till well blended and season with salt and pepper. I made these with a simple bacon and egg filling, which worked brilliantly for breakfast, but they would work equally well with other quiche fillings

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Quark is a very versatile ingredient though and I use it a lot these days as it’s free on SlimmingWorld, in both sweet and savoury dishes

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I longed for my homemade quiche, pastry was totally out of the question unless I had saved up my syns,my curry's usually rich with ghee or oil with sides of bhaji, chapattis and nans were taboo