Slimming world leftover lamb recipes

Top 50 Slimming World Recipes

Syn Free Lamb Rogan Josh Curry makes great leftovers for the next day’s packed lunch too. We’ve seen on our Facebook group that Syn Free Chicken Fajita Pasta has also a popular lunchtime leftover meal, why not

Meal Planning Monday

Monday – Using up the leftover roast lamb somehow. It's so cheap and I tend to be able to eek out quite a few meals from this (usually lunches with the leftovers so one or two less meals to worry about

Weekly Meal Plan - #MealPlanningMonday Week 15 2017

My last weigh in at SlimmingWorld has certainly given me the motivation to keep on. I know it is a day early but I need an easy day on Sunday so I will be roasting a leg of lamb for Saturday and this will give me leftovers for Sunday

2017 - A Year of Food

As you can probably imagine to foodie in me took over and so much delicious food was consumed, needless to say I will back on my SlimmingWorld eating plan once the celebrations are over

Syn Free Week 3 – 7 Day Slimming World Meal Plan

Syn Free Garlic, Lemon and Parsley Chicken Goujons (Leftovers). Syn Free Lamb Scouse. If you’ve just started on the SlimmingWorld plan, or if you’ve made the excellent decision to join a SlimmingWorld group, you may need a little extra help to get you into the swing of things

Meal Planning Monday

Small world haha. out all evening with gym and SW so it will probably be some sort of leftovers when. recipe to use beef instead of lamb

Meal Planning - Week 18

Lunch Leftover butternut squash risotto. Dinner Lamb and pomegranate adapted from this recipe  - I was going to make this last Sunday and was sure I had lamb in the freezer but it turned out I didn't

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 32

Lunch baked sweet potato with SlimmingWorld coronation chicken from the Little Book of Lunches p. Dinner After work drinks, so will want something quick when I get home (or may eat out depending on how late I stay in the pub) - possibly leftover fishcakes

Meal Planning Monday 2015- Week 3

MondayBreakfast poached eggs and smoked salmon Lunch leftover beef stew from Sunday nightDinner out at a blogger event - will take a sandwichTuesdayBreakfast poached eggs and smoked salmonLunch jacket potato with chickenDinner out at my cake decorating course - will take a sandwichWednesdayBreakfast yogurtLunch sandwichDinner Leek and macaroni cheese from SlimmingWorld magazine - as it is for me, with sausages (and the pasta as the side dish) for himThursdayBreakfast cereal or porridgeLunch sandwichDinner lamb rogan josh from SlimmingWorld magazineFridayBreakfast yogurtLunch leftover curryDinner piri piri chicken with sweet potato wedges from SlimmingWorld magazineSaturdayBreakfast yogurtLunch cheese on toast which we were going to have a few weeks ago but didn't