Scottish tablet without condensed milk recipes

Alternative Scottish Fusion Burns Supper

Irn Bru and ScottishTablet Ice-cream. In my time there, I witnessed the Scottish haggis incorporated in many fusion recipes from haggis bon bons, haggis burgers, haggis pasty, haggis pakoras, haggis panini, haggis pastitisio, haggis pies, haggis lasagne, haggis moussaka - haggis pizza, haggis quesadillas, haggis Scotch eggs, haggis samosas, haggis spring rolls, haggis, haggis wontons, haggis tostados, haggis Tex Mex nachos, haggis wraps, in fact you name it, someone somewhere has made it with haggis
Sweets for my sweet

Sweets for my sweet

It’s similar to ScottishTablet and Russian Toffee in terms of ingredients and method and makes a soft, granular toffee, sort of halfway between the chewy stuff and fudge
Top Tips for Baking the Perfect Cupcakes

Top Tips for Baking the Perfect Cupcakes

The consistency should be creamy and not like ScottishTablet with a grainy consistency. 1. Use the minimum of utensils and keep your ingredients list reasonable
Revisiting the Sand Dollar

Revisiting the Sand Dollar

Scottishtablet. Scottish hake with pearl barley risotto and fennel. I've taken you to the Sand Dollar before

The Magnum

His Scottish beef and rosemary burger was served in a toasted focaccia bun, served with a hickory barbecue relish, blue cheese and bacon

Stress-Free Christmas with Vileda Gift Finder

It can be easily paired with smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth. Ilumi Gluten-Free Christmas Hamper (RRP £60) includes 10 best-selling Ilumi dishes including award winning Kerala winning, and additional treats, such as Gluten Free Christmas recipe book, by Masterchef finalist Hannah Miles, Dragora organic red wine, award-winning Celia larger, Green’s Ale, spiced Yorkshire plum chutney by Curry Cuisine, dark mint chocolate owls from Cocoa Libre and Scottish chocolate chip shortbread from Lazy Day Foods. It offers up to 6 hours of wireless playing time, with full Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and tablets. The range is quite good, up to 30 feet from Bluetooth-enables mobile phones and tablets

Project 365 week 6 and 7 1st- 14th Feb

It covers the whole of Scottish history from the formation of the country, to early settlers, early buildings, and many many people over the years

Pregnancy – Week 37 – We’ve nearly made it

If anyone has any suggestions of strong Scottish boys names then feel free to help out. I have been taking the iron tablets and recovered some of my energy although I am still finding if I do too much it takes me a few days to feel right again

What I've been reading: Rise and Watersmeet

Tackling contemporary questions of nationhood and identity through the issue of Scottish Independence and the debates surrounding sustainable energy, Rise is an important and powerful story of living in the modern world

I May Be A Type 2 Diabetic

You mostly know my mum lives with us and has dementia, but she also has diabetes, and I have to control that for her through food, insulin and her tablets

Islay In My Belly | Feis Ile 2015

We made two lovely visits to my favourite Scottish pub, An Tigh Seinnse in Portnahaven, run by lovely Laura and her husband

Foodie’s guide to Scotland + Giveaway

Obviously a post in Scottish food would not be complete without mentioning haggis and black pudding. The most known of these is Scottish smoked salmon

Let’s Eat Glasgow Programme

Trio of mini Scottish pies, beef steak, haggis & clapshot and smoked haddock with chives and cheddar