Rick stein risotto recipes

Rick Stein Winchester

My girlfriend decided to go for the Pumpkin Risotto. RickStein is a well-known and extremely popular chef, best known for his love of seafood

Rick Stein's Padstow and a day of sea bass

Although almost persuaded by the lobster risotto and despite my dislike of beetroot I decided to go for a dish that featured this ingredient heavily

Wild Garlic and pea Risotto

I believe it was RickStein who visited Italy and asked a local cook what was in the risotto and she replied "really good stock"

Mackerel with Horseradish Risotto

Every TV chef you see especially RickStein (who’s autobiography I’m reading at the moment called, funnily enough, Under a Mackerel Sky
An easy Easter menu for the whole family

An easy Easter menu for the whole family

Follow it with your favourite crumble recipe with some chopped stem ginger added to the rhubarb – I always use RickStein’s recipe from his classic Food Heroes cookbook
Black Pudding Friday

Black Pudding Friday

Please seek out your own local food heroes, RickStein and Nadiya Hussain did it on TV, but for the rest of us the best thing to do is just get out there and buy these lovely ingredients

At the Dinner Table with Rick Stein

Luckily he was willing to share this wisdom with me in return for a butternut squash risotto. ) RickStein is a household name
Seafood risotto

Seafood risotto

Leaving a few whole mussels in the risotto makes it look very appetizing. To make the risotto, melt the butter in a heavy-based pan (this will lessen the chance of the risotto burning on the bottom as it cooks) then add the shallots and garlic and sweat until softened


I have adapted this recipe out of RickStein's Mediterranean Escapes. So Paella, this is a wonderful and sumptuous dish if cooked correctly, like risotto, if it is cooked badly, it is truly awful

A Chat With Masterchef 2018 Semi-Finalist Greg Emmerson

I’m a huge fan of Michel Roux Jnr, Ferran Adria, RickStein, the list is endless really. Some say he left too early after impressing John Torode and Greg Wallace with a dish of risotto that interestingly did not include any rice

Risotto balls: Arancini di riso

For the risotto. Spoon the risotto onto a shallow baking tray, press a sheet of clingfilm onto the surface and leave to go cold

Wild mushroom risotto

The risotto should still be quite moist. To serve, stir the rest of the butter and the Parmesan into the risotto and season to taste with salt and pepper