Rachel allen for sponge pudding recipes

Raspberry Jam Pudding

Raspberry Jam Pudding

)Adapted from a recipe in RachelAllen's newest book, Easy Meals. it is something which I have loved for all of my life, and I am not fussy about which jam it is either, totally loving all sorts of jam
Chocolate Blackcurrant Buckle

Chocolate Blackcurrant Buckle

I did the next best thing and adapted a recipe for Cherry Crumble Cake in RachelAllen's book Bake. I had some of this sour milk in the fridge, but it really did need using up so I think this cake qualifies for The No Waste Food Challenge

Sloe jam steamed pudding

For the pudding. For the sloe jam. Sit an inverted saucer in a saucepan not much bigger than the pudding basin, then place the pudding on it

Hot lemon puddings

50 g butter. 2 eggs, separated. 200 g sugar. 50 g plain flour. 1 lemons, finely grated rind and juice. 225 ml milk

Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding

this is from RachelAllen's Food for Living. For the sauce. Why choose between chocolate spongepudding and sticky toffee pudding when you can have both

Princess cake

For the icing. Pile the three cake tin sponges on top of each other and place the basin cake on top, upside down

Raspberry upside-down cake

For the sponge. For the raspberries. Leave to sit while you make the sponge. Lift off the pan to reveal the pudding – now upside down on the plate, with the raspberries on top

Rhubarb and ginger crumble cake

For the sponge. For the rhubarb. Add the sugar and flaked almonds, mix to combine, then set aside in the fridge while you make the sponge