Quail and smoked salmon scotch egg recipes

Surf & Oeuf

Surf & Oeuf

Place all the ingredients (apart from the quaileggs…) in a food processor and blitz to a rough paste

SCOTLAND: food & dining at Gleneagles, Perthshire

There was delicately flavoured partridge carpaccio with a herb encrusted and deep fried quail’segg, pheasant in a life-affirming broth with a hint of chilli and ginger, succulent grouse breast marinated in double cream and thyme and topped with fried julienned leeks, hearty venison and hare with Stornoway black pudding (there it is again - the best), and an apple bavarois to finish
Bloomin’ Lovely – Chelsea Flower Show Menus

Bloomin’ Lovely – Chelsea Flower Show Menus

Take a break from peering at peonies and stop smelling the roses for long enough to indulge in treats like sausage rolls enhanced with hot Iberico ham and a Scotchegg transformed using a quaileggand lobster
The Wigmore – A British Tavern Revival

The Wigmore – A British Tavern Revival

And the Masala spice scotchegg, which is actually made with quaileggs coated with smokedsalmonand then with a hedgehog like shell and served with a creamy, lightly spiced dahl relish


There’s also the most delectable Peking duck with crispy skin and a golden-yolked braised quailegg balanced on top – a Hakkasan signature that will have you closing your eyes in bliss

Diwali in London – Trishna Menu Preview

Meanwhile, the alternative dish, Bater Shami Kebabe with mint, cardamom, ginger and tamarind chutney and tiny quailscotcheggs was another winner

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

The first course off the tasting menu was Pressed foie gras with green apples, turnips, watercress andsmoked duck
21 Day Sugar Detox Book:  Review & My Recipe Resource

21 Day Sugar Detox Book: Review & My Recipe Resource

ScotchQuailsEggs. Smoked Mackerel and Celeriac Coleslaw. Easy Oven Roasted Salmonand Veg. Sweet potatoes and yams which are high starch veggies can be subbed for other root veg such as carrot or parsnip