Paul hollywood quiche recipes

Parmesan and Broccoli Quiche

And, even then, it’s not like PaulHollywood is gonna break in and rank your brunch last in the technical as Mary Berry scrapes your quiche crust looking for a soggy bottom 🙂
Tarted up

Tarted up

 This recipe for shortcrust is from PaulHollywood’s How to Bake. A bit like a quiche but with a healthier yoghurt and egg filling rather than cream and egg – great hot or cold

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How to Bake by PaulHollywood. Mozzarella, Leek & Bacon Quiche. â–Ľ. 2014. (1054). October. (66). What to do with. a crateful of fresh figs

Tried and Tested in Canterbury

Gibson’s Farm Shop, Wingham – this massive farm shop is a bit out of the way down a few country lanes but it is well worth the visit for the meat counter, lemon-infused olive oil and the chance to run into PaulHollywood while you’re doing your shopping

Stilton and walnut quiche

1. Rub the flour and butter together in a large bowl until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the salt and water, drawing the mixture together to make a smooth dough