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Leftover Winter Vegetable Soup

Leftover Winter Vegetable Soup

This soup uses up all those leftover vegetables you’ve been meaning to use in the most delicious way – sprouts, carrots, parsnips, celery, onions & garlic married off in a beautiful gammon stock and garnished with strips of bacon, it’s what winter was made for

m and o's christmas lunch

i also roasted the parsnips with some honey till the flesh was soft enough to be easily mashed albeit with a bit of texture

December 2018 Favourites List

Nicholson’s caramelised parsnip, pickled walnut and crispy cavolo nero, Jeremy. Fennel, celeriac and watercress soup
to warm the cockles of your soul: spicy parsnip soup

to warm the cockles of your soul: spicy parsnip soup

spicy parsnip and ginger soupYou may not have known your soul's cockles needed warming, but even if they don't, this spicy soup (adapted from NigelSlater's Tender I) will definitely give them a bit of a tune-up and put a zing in your step on a chilly day
winter warming pea and parsnip soup with bacon

winter warming pea and parsnip soup with bacon

pea and parsnipsoupI have mentioned before, that while I adore parsnips, I am not always convinced by parsnipsoups awash with curry spices, although NigelSlater's spicy parsnipsoup is one of my absolute favourites


I used a couple of carrots and potatoes, a large parsnip, sprout tops and a small piece of shredded savoy cabbage, cutting everything into bite-sized pieces

what's in season: march

Of course, while there is still a chill in the air then a nice spicy parsnipsoup will do nicely I think or perhaps the charm of a celeriac, pear and bacon soup

Random Recipes #10 - Round Up

next up is Random Recipes Virgin, Nikki from Food Glorious Food who has made one of my favourite soups, Spiced Parsnip, selected from The New Soup Bible, welcome her nicely kids