Nigel slater roasted butternut squash soup recipes

Festival Squash Soup

Festival Squash Soup

It's a tip I learned from watching NigelSlater cook on television, which is apparently a trick used by Italian housewives

Cooking For One

Try Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal’s book ‘Three Good Thing’s on a Plate’ in which all recipes use only three ingredients or any of NigelSlater’s cook books for easy, nutritious recipes

January 2015 Favourites List

NigelSlater’s tuna with miso, edamame and wasabi recipe, a quick and tasty fish supper for midweek nights

April 2018 Favourites List

NigelSlater's new butternutsquash recipes. a variation of NigelSlater's Lebanese rice pudding from his series on the
Roast Butternut Risotto with Butternut Crisps

Roast Butternut Risotto with Butternut Crisps

After watching NigelSlater’s recent series I now always keep my Butternut Skin shavings and briefly roast them in the oven (which you’d be using anyway for this dish) in a little olive oil, salt & pepper and make some totally delish freebie Butternut Crisps

April 2019 Favourites List

included), NigelSlater’s grilled pork salad,. crumbs, Nigella Lawson’s linguine with clams, crispy kimchi and cheddar

Random Recipes #10 - Round Up

Lovely Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals has made this really intoxicating Roast Onion Soup with Thai Spices taken from NigelSlaters Real Cooking