Nigel slater fish pie recipes

June 2016 Favourites List

This carrot mash topped version by NigelSlater looks excellent. Herby rice, Persian style, would be great with fish

April 2017 Favourites List

NigelSlater shares his meatball recipes. The first part of the Guardian's collection of Nigella's. A light, Springtime version of the classic fishpie

Nigel Slater's Hot smoked fish and leek pie

It appears in NigelSlater's "The Christmas Chronicles", and although I agree it's a fabulous and special dish for Christmas there is absolutely no reason to keep it for such festive occasions
The tastiest fish pie ever! - recipe

The tastiest fish pie ever! - recipe

Make a pan of creamy mashed potatoes to start, I love the NigelSlater quote from one of his books when he is talking about mashed potato and says to 'add butter until it can take no more'
Random Recipes #12 - Round Up

Random Recipes #12 - Round Up

and here's Selina from Yummy Choo Eats with a rather wonderful Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shank taken from my favourite NigelSlater's Real Cooking

random recipes round-up #36

and here's Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut with a very chic Chicken, Mushroom and Noodle Broth taken from NigelSlater's Eat
RECIPE: Pork stir fry with cashews, lime and mint

RECIPE: Pork stir fry with cashews, lime and mint

As you may have realised from my previous post, last week was the week I put a number of NigelSlater recipes through their paces- this was the second time I'd made this one and of the three I road tested it was definitely mine and Mr P&P's favourite

Simple Suppers

One of my favourites is NigelSlater’sfishpie. over the years it’s undergone various interpretations depending on my mood and what looks tempting at the fishmongers

November 2017 Favourites List

salad recipe from NigelSlater. Fishpie (fish in a creamy sauce, baked with mashed potato on top) is a

random recipes #27 round-up

and swooping in at the last minute is lovely Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals with her addition to a cheese-fest with these GORGEOUS cheese, bacon and apple muffins randomly selected to NigelSlater's Kitchen Diaries II

MPM - back to school

Sunday dinner was a remake of a previously successful NigelSlater Pork Belly and Beans recipe  Didn't disappoint second time around although I forgot to buy cabbage to mix through

Rock Paper Oyster Scissors Haddock

Last week courtesy of Rock & Oyster and this week a NigelSlater dish. Arbroath Smokie FishcakesFishPie, Beer Battered Haddock and fab homemade mushy peas and tartare sauce to accompany