Nigel slater butternut squash soup recipes

Festival Squash Soup

Festival Squash Soup

It's a tip I learned from watching NigelSlater cook on television, which is apparently a trick used by Italian housewives

Cooking For One

Try Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal’s book ‘Three Good Thing’s on a Plate’ in which all recipes use only three ingredients or any of NigelSlater’s cook books for easy, nutritious recipes

January 2015 Favourites List

NigelSlater’s tuna with miso, edamame and wasabi recipe, a quick and tasty fish supper for midweek nights

April 2018 Favourites List

NigelSlater's new butternutsquash recipes. a variation of NigelSlater's Lebanese rice pudding from his series on the
Nigel Slater Dish of the Month - January Round Up

Nigel Slater Dish of the Month - January Round Up

Dal and ButternutSquashSoup is the warming Dish of the Month for Karen at Use it up, wear it out. Cream of Mushroom, mustard and tarragon soup is a combination of two of Nigel's recipes, you can find out which ones by visiting Linzi at Lancashire Food
Roast Butternut Risotto with Butternut Crisps

Roast Butternut Risotto with Butternut Crisps

After watching NigelSlater’s recent series I now always keep my Butternut Skin shavings and briefly roast them in the oven (which you’d be using anyway for this dish) in a little olive oil, salt & pepper and make some totally delish freebie Butternut Crisps

November 2017 Favourites List

salad recipe from NigelSlater. Substituting pumpkin for butternutsquash is no big deal. cauliflower and carrot soup can be served chunky and hearty or smooth

April 2019 Favourites List

included), NigelSlater’s grilled pork salad,. crumbs, Nigella Lawson’s linguine with clams, crispy kimchi and cheddar

Random Recipes #10 - Round Up

Lovely Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals has made this really intoxicating Roast Onion Soup with Thai Spices taken from NigelSlaters Real Cooking

random recipes #31 - round-up

and even though you'd think we deserve a break from Nigella here's Debby from Cooking Up A Storm in a Teacup with a delicious Pea and Garlic Soup - a Nigella recipe taken from the also popular NigelSlater's Real Food