Mary berry treacle scones recipes

Baking like Berry

Baking like Berry

It was based on the Lemon cake I made last week from Mary's Baking Bible. We sent a request out to all the parents for donations of traybakes and cakes, but two of the other mums and myself volunteered to bake all the scones

Cooking with Coconut Oil at Christmas

Sherry perhaps in MaryBerry style, stout as Dan Lepard prefers or maybe rum like Nigella. Additionally some recipes (such as Dan Lepard) also add treacle but by using coconut oil and dark brown sugar, the sweetness is emphasised enough and so not needed

Paul Hollywood's Bread - A review

by his popularity as co-host with MaryBerry on the Great British BakeOff. Cheddar and RosemaryScones plus Beef Cobbler