Mary berry slow roast lamb recipes

The honest Autumn Food Trends 2015

The honest Autumn Food Trends 2015

Go Chef now plays an important role in my kitchen especially in Winter when I love cooking minestrone, lentils soup, slow cooked Sunday roast all’italiana
Joyful June at your farmer’s market

Joyful June at your farmer’s market

(taken from The Busy Mum’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Mary Gwynn Simon & Schuster). Try it the traditional way for the month – grilled and served with a tart gooseberry sauce

Restaurant Review: The Alice Hawthorn, Nun Monkton

I have a feeling even MaryBerry would want the recipe for this. Onto starters, and I opt for the managers recommendation of ham hock with foie gras ballotine and gooseberry chutney, while my dining partner chooses the curried chicken liver parfait

R&R At Camber Sands’ The Gallivant

Of course, you don’t even want to get me started on the cocktails – the best Bloody Mary Mr Eat with Ellen has ever had, and some pretty marvellous espresso martinis too

March 2017 Favourites List

MaryBerry has caused a ruckus by adding white wine and. and raspberry dressing and Saffron dressing. sprung and slowly but surely, the coats are getting lighter (as are the days)

Linda’s latest kitchen gadgets…

It was wonderful to see MaryBerry doing her thing, but possibly a little slow paced for today’s cooking shows… but if you want to do some easy-peasy cooking with youngsters, that’s the way to go