Mary berry scones gluten free recipes

Gluten free scone recipe

Gluten free scone recipe

Adapted from MaryBerry’s Cookery Course. Fresh out of the oven, still warm, sliced in half with a dollop of clotted cream (most definitely not dairy free) and a slathering of strawberry jam, these scones are pure heaven

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So for the gluten challenged, avoiders, doubters and downright difficult among us, how do we get the same thrill that MaryBerry, Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue and the contestants are delivering into our living rooms of a Tuesday evening

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Sherry perhaps in MaryBerry style, stout as Dan Lepard prefers or maybe rum like Nigella. It definitely seems to go further and manages to retain the creaminess associated with butter and works equally well in cakes, breads, scones and even crumble mixtures