Mary berry pork shoulder recipes

Joyful June at your farmer’s market

Joyful June at your farmer’s market

(taken from The Busy Mum’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Mary Gwynn Simon & Schuster). Try it the traditional way for the month – grilled and served with a tart gooseberry sauce

Meal Planning Monday

Wednesday – Spaghetti Carabonara from my new MaryBerry book. I love buying porkshoulder to make pulled pork

Journey through Glacier National Park

Mary where one of the two entrances closest to the National Park is located. Among them was one specializing in meat and, importantly, barbecue pork ribs

Stuffed shoulder of lamb

450g/1lb pork sausage meat. 5lb boned shoulder of lamb. For the stuffing, fry the onion in a frying pan in the butter until softened