James martin rack of lamb recipes

Some recent photographs !

Some recent photographs !

James flipping legend. Love Martin and Alex's wedding and the chance to take some smudges. RackofLamb. I got myself like a lot of people my age into a bit of a state mainly due to suddenly reaping the rewards of success on the work front and living a bit to well shall we say and just being lazy really

When Cakeyboi met James Martin

Rackoflamb, sweet. uk We asked James about the school education of food,. As part of being a BBC Good Food Show blogger, at the recent

Pan-fried lamb cutlets

Cut the rackoflamb into cutlets and spread with the apricot jam. 1 rackoflamb, (6-8 bones). 1. 2. Combine the dried spices with some salt and pepper in a bowl, then coat the cutlets with the spices