How to roast an aylesbury duck recipes

Duck confit

Duck confit

You can use the remaining fat toroastpotatoes. Place your duckintoan oven tray and leave in the fridge over night
Tea smoked duck with orange rind rice

Tea smoked duck with orange rind rice

So you can imagine how alien it felt walking into our duck pen with my crook and grabbing a duck, ringing its neck and heading home

Allotment update

We have now moved on to rearing ducksand geese. It isn’t that easy getting up every morning to feed the animals but just knowing that we had a part to play in their growth, was well worth it

  Aylesbury Duck with Orange Sauce

Place the duck on a rack in a roasting tin and prick all over with a fork to pierce the skin only. When the duck is ready, transferto a serving platter and keep hot

  Roast Duckling

Shape the stuffing into small balls and place in a roasting tin. To make the stuffing, melt half the butter in a medium saucepanand cook the onion until softened

Killing the Ducks

  However, she said although she had some ready to go she did not wantto kill them.   Much smaller and not as meaty andsomehow the fat seems different - not so lardy