Hairy dieters red pepper and tomato soup recipe recipes

Hairy Dieters Take Three

I was so excited when I saw someone on Twitter post this book, I love my other two HairyDieters so much and I couldn't wait to get this one

Hairy Dieters Fast Food! ***Flex Updates***

A lot of the recipes will stay the same, some have minimal change and some more drastic. I was so excited when I found out that there was a new HairyDieters cookbook coming out, and one focused on quick meals
‘Free From’ Vegetarian Lasagne

‘Free From’ Vegetarian Lasagne

This Wheat free Vegetarian Lasagne was partly inspired by the Hairy Biker’s television programme. I simplified the Hairy Bikers recipe a little as it potentially was a bit fiddly – and I think it was still as good

Hairy Dieters Propointed!!

I did not have access to the recipe builder on the ww uk website and did it by working out the points of each ingredient to the best of my ability