Hairy bikers chicken casserole recipes

Chicken & Red Wine Casserole With Herby Dumplings

Chicken & Red Wine Casserole With Herby Dumplings

HairyBikers. On a dark, cold and wet evening what better dish to serve up that this recipe for chicken and red wine casserole with herby dumplings…deliciously comforting and warming
Recipe : Hairy Bikers' Meat & Cabbage Buns (Bierocks)

Recipe : Hairy Bikers' Meat & Cabbage Buns (Bierocks)

Pakistan - Chicken Yakhni Pullao . HairyBikers' Layered Hungarian Casserole recipe. Last week, when menu-planning, I went thumbing through my trusty Hairy Bakers' Big Book of Baking for inspiration

BBC Good Food Show Winter 2013 Review

We then moved to the backstage of the Supertheatre where we were waiting for Paul Rankin for our interview, and while we looked around we couldn't believe that we were sat in the same room as Tom Kerridge, The HairyBikers, Jo Pratt, James Martin, Stacie Stewart and Michael Caines, wow talk about being starstruck


For the slow cooker I've cooked up this recipe from the HairyBikers. Old Fashioned Chicken and Vegetable Stew

My version of the Hairy Bikers' Dutch Apple Cake

Slow cooker Moroccan Chicken with Olives & Preserved Lemons. When sorting out this week's menu plan, I turned to The HairyBikers' Big Book of Baking for inspiration (it has savoury pies and casseroles in it, as well as cakes and biscuits)

Some Hae Meat and Canna Eat

I've kept with the Hairy Dieters for the rest of the week as really want to give the book a good trial and have included two dishes that have been recommended to me to try (the cod and the paprika chicken) Anyone else got any Hairy Dieters recommendations


Cut the chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces, removing any excess fat, and season with salt and pepper


Trim the chicken thighs of any visible fat using a good pair of kitchen scissors. Transfer everything to a large flameproof casserole dish