Haggis bon bons recipes

Alternative Scottish Fusion Burns Supper

In my time there, I witnessed the Scottish haggis incorporated in many fusion recipes from haggisbonbons, haggis burgers, haggis pasty, haggis pakoras, haggis panini, haggis pastitisio, haggis pies, haggis lasagne, haggis moussaka - haggis pizza, haggis quesadillas, haggis Scotch eggs, haggis samosas, haggis spring rolls, haggis, haggis wontons, haggis tostados, haggis Tex Mex nachos, haggis wraps, in fact you name it, someone somewhere has made it with haggis

The Botany Bar & Restaurant, Glasgow

HaggisBonBon with Carrot Purée & Whisky Peppercorn Sauce. I was invited along to the launch party for The Botany (or some of you may think of it as it’s former name, The Strathmore) this week

Review: Daisy Tasker, Hotel Indigo, Dundee.

The little spheres of haggis had a real peppery whack and a pleasingly rough texture. The chicken fell from the bone and was still moist, but I didn’t detect any of the whisky glaze, unfortunately