Delia smith pate recipes

A Rabbit for the Pot

Two of my favourite rabbit recipes are DeliaSmith’s Old English Rabbit Pie and Roasted Wild Rabbit and Bacon

Sixth Post of Christmas; Mincemeat

In my previous post I outlined how I made DeliaSmith's mincemeat and got more than I bargained for. They welcomed The Little One as well and she was entertained and played with, making light work of a delicious mackerel pate with pitta bread that our hostess served us with

rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

I use the recipe from my very battered and food spattered copy of  DeliaSmith’s Complete Cookery Course (also online here)  though I take the meat off the bone before putting it into the pie dish

Coarse country pâté

1. You'll find it's best to process the different meats one at a time (finishing with the pigs' liver, as this is the messiest)