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No Sandwich Packed Lunch Ideas

No Sandwich Packed Lunch Ideas

Roasted vegetable couscous salad – I’ve been making this DeliaSmithrecipe for a long time now. Pizza – Leftover pizza from the night before, make plenty so you have some leftover and you’ve a ready made packed lunch
yorkshire pudding dinner plate

yorkshire pudding dinner plate

For years I've used a DeliaSmithrecipe for my Yorkshires and I never had an issue with them but if i'm honest they never rose to the towering heights I expected

The student kitchen

Better go read the recipe’s on Jack Monroe’s website ‘Cooking on a bootstrap’ and buy a secondhand (or request for Christmas) a proper all-round cookery book, something like DeliaSmith, so you can learn the full skills and adapt a decent recipe to your budget, rather than yet more recipes for spicy beans on toast that you can guess yourself anyway

Delia Smith vs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

However, all the attempts have done is made me adept at patching up cracked pastry either by using leftover uncooked dough, or by the scrape technique, whereby I use the end of a knife to scrape the pastry surface to make crumbs and then stuff them into the cracks
Delia's Perfect Rice

Delia's Perfect Rice

Recipe complements of DeliaSmith's Complete cookery Course. If they are tender, and , when you tilt the pan almost on it's side, you can see no trace of liquid left, the rice is cooked
Annabel Karmel's Pork Stir-fry with Sugar Snap Peas

Annabel Karmel's Pork Stir-fry with Sugar Snap Peas

  There's plenty of variety (bearing in mind my comments re non-meat eaters and special diets) and, despite my family having grown up and left home, I am likely to be dipping into this book quite often

rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

I use the recipe from my very battered and food spattered copy of  DeliaSmith’s Complete Cookery Course (also online here)  though I take the meat off the bone before putting it into the pie dish

Left Over Chicken Risotto

150 mls Chicken stock. 1 x portion of mushrooms approx 8. 300g risotto rice. 2 oz butter. pinch of salt and pepper

random recipes #23 - round-up

next is the adorable Kate from What Kate Baked with her SECOND christmas cake taken from HRH Delia of Smith's Christmas book

How to throw the ultimate dinner party

Tagged with cheesecake, deliasmith, dinner party, Lasagne, nigella lawson, nutella, salmon blinis. I had some leftover smoked salmon so decided to prepare some salmon blinis

Lasagne al Ragù

This is my 'titivated' version of one by DeliaSmith. In a large frying pan heat a about a tablespoon oil over a medium heat