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Jamie Oliver Protein Pancakes

Jamie Oliver Protein Pancakes

Next up I want to try out a recipe that Olia Hercules ( a rather lovely food writer and chef ) shared in the mag for Chard & Cheese pie

21 Picnic Recipes That Are Perfect for Kids

Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls. These quick and easy Sultana Scones make a great picnic treat for the whole family and the kids will love the added sweetness thanks to the addition of sultanas
How to Feed a Real Man!

How to Feed a Real Man!

that I eat, all the delicious black garlic, spices, blue cheese, blah de blah. dough as I use for scones, rock buns, griddle cakes, doughnuts, crispy sugary
No Sandwich Packed Lunch Ideas

No Sandwich Packed Lunch Ideas

Savoury cheddar cheesescones. I hate the monotony of packed lunches, the limitations it imposes and the guilt it brings when I send my kids off to school with yet another, boring, cheese or ham sandwich

Food: 5-minute pitta pizzas with secret veg sauce

And of course you can use the sauce on any base – standard pizza base, a mini baguette sliced in half lengthways, an English muffin, a cheesescone – whatever you have really

Foods of Wales - The Giant Welsh Oggie

An introduction to Welsh cheese (my personal favourite). We even managed a spot of al fresco dining, where we enjoyed some more local produce, in the form of Welsh Oggies (similar to the Cornish pasty), Bara Brith (rich fruit loaf) and Welsh cakes (a cross between a scone & a pancake)

random recipes #30 - the round-up

it may all be a big conspiracy but here's Chris from Cooking Around the World and some Potted Cheese taken from the very un-cheesy The Perfect Afternoon Tea Book

random recipes #27 round-up

let's start with the adorable Karen from Lavender and Lovage with this stunning Cheese and Onion Scone Bread taken from The Art of Home Cooking by the Stork Cookery Service Heritage Cook Book