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9 Unmissable Mauritius Street Food Dishes

But rather than chickpeas, these are made from chana dal (yellow split peas) that are soaked overnight, ground up, and mixed with spring onions, coriander, chilli and turmeric
Winter Warmers Pakoras –  Mauritian Gato Lissou

Winter Warmers Pakoras – Mauritian Gato Lissou

ChanaPuri, Chilli Cakes, Bread Fritters and many more. We are nearing the Winter season here in Mauritius and yes I know the sun is always out shinning even if it’s winter time here

Mauritian Gateaux Piment Curry

In this spicy and flavourful curry, Mauritian Split Chana Daal fritters are gently simmered in a spicy and creamy sauce
Mauritian Chana Puri

Mauritian Chana Puri

I wrote this recipe mainly for all my friends who kept asking me this recipe but also for all those Mauritians who are abroad and who sure would have been happy from time to time to be able to taste the typical foods of our beloved Mauritius
Daal Puri for MLLA- 51

Daal Puri for MLLA- 51

This dal-roti/puri was introduced in the Mauritius and Caribbean by Bihari immigrants and now is very popular