Butterscotch tart recipe with condensed milk recipes

Eggless Honey Cake

Eggless Honey Cake

I don't think I will ever forget the excitement when seeing butterscotchtart on the menu - still lovingly mentioned by my friends
Feeding 50 at an 'Open House' Party  - PFB #3

Feeding 50 at an 'Open House' Party - PFB #3

Bake apple coffee cake withbutterscotch glazeDay of event. This tart, parsley-dominated Levantine salad made of nutty cracked wheat or bulgur mixed with wonderfully ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and green onions, and lots of fresh mint is easily one of my favorites

Butterscotch tart

For the filling, whisk the sugar and condensedmilk together until thick and pale and pour into the tart shell