5 2 diet menu plan recipes

Back in the comfort zone - this week's menu plan

Back in the comfort zone - this week's menu plan

  I'd have thought that, ordinarily, there'd be plenty of natural feed for the likes of him - but perhaps not, if he's already looking to augment his diet

FoodCycle #BreadlineChallenge – The Menu Plan

Can I do this and eat a healthy, nutritious diet through the week. I really don’t like menuplanning. This meal plan is subject to change throughout the week if I come up with any more interesting meals (or someone suggests some to me)

The Plan

And as diet is a huge part of weight loss, I am going to try my hardest to stick to a clean diet. I actually got to test my will power today when I went for lunch with my uni friends, I had a vegetable burger instead of the high fat options on the menu

5:2 Diet Recipe – Piri Piri Chicken

So instead of scouring the menu in search of healthy options, why not bring the spicy tang of Nando’s to your own dinner table, saving both calories and cash