Weekly Meal Plan and a Hearty Family Supper Recipe: Sausage and Apple Casserole in Cider
Lavender and Lovage
Lavender and Lovage
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  • 2 rations last week and I have found it quite hard to get back into the swing of things since then! I enjoyed my week in the Wartime Kitchen and if any of you are interested in replicating the recipes at home, they are all here: Wartime Kitchen – Ration Book Cooking. It was a very humbling experience and when I came to plan my meals this week, I was mindful of just how times have changed when it comes to portion sizes and ingredients; so, I am trying to be just as frugal, which, will be great for my ongoing diet (which was paused last week) as well as my bank balance. One of my favourite autumn or winter meals is a good sausage casserole, and even with a small packet of sausages, a substitutional family meal can be made I am a bit of a food snob when it comes to sausages, it only buy ones that are made with British meat, preferably made locally and that have a high meat content. In my opinion, it’s a false economy to buy cheap ones with a high ratio of bread meal, soya and all the other padding agents that are frequently added to those grey sorry-looking sausages.
  • 2 Diet plan, but only for one day this week, and then two days next week as normal
  • 12 th November
  • 13 th November
  • 14 th November
  • 2 Fast Day
  • 1 slice of WW Chicken Roll (49 cals)
  • 189 cals Coronation Potato Salad with WW Chicken Roll
  • 150 mls skimmed milk (51 cals)
  • 15 th November
  • Cook time
  • 1 hour
  • Total time
  • 1 hour, 20 minutes



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