Travel Finland in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Lapland & Northern Lights
Heavens Garden
Heavens Garden
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  • 00 in the airport. We look for our boarding gate for the flight to Helsinki, which takes us to the Nordic country for the first time. It is 15
  • 15 when we begin to see the surroundings of Helsinki, with some white spots and many lakes. After arriving at the airport we are surprised by the silence that reigns in the terminal
  • 30 am at Suomenlinna Fortress, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
  • 30 on the day of a month of December. After Kamppi, the business district, and after buying some earmuffs, we arrive to Kalo, a residential district.
  • 00 in the morning or rather night after check
  • 10 and the sunset is around
  • 30 pm The first train to Rovaniemi starts at
  • 9 and many young people come back from the long night of partying
  • 00 pm our eyes would have to focus towards the sky
  • 00 pm when the heart of Santa Park awaits the elves
  • 30 when we step on Rovaniemi. In fact, we have another coffee. The Koskikatu Street is the main street that gives life to Rovaniemi and around which are the shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and markets. The Lardi square with a large clock that marks the temperature would be the heart of everything.
  • 00 and it was
  • 30 when we were there
  • 30 minutes to get to Ivalo after passing Lake Inari



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