Say it ain't so.
Food, Fork & Good
Food, Fork & Good
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  • 2. Some kindly packaged, well timed judgments might be things you need to hear.
  • 3. If you are feeling unwanted, wronged, unloved or hard done by, perhaps assess whether you are asking or expecting too much of a situation before blaming someone else entirely for it.
  • 5. If something is too much at this point in time, it
  • 6. No amount of fence sitting, pandering or self pity parties will stop you being judged, just like not stepping on the cracks will stop the bad stuff happening.
  • 7. If people make you feel small or worthless.
  • 9. Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit, drink lots of water and walk whenever the opportunity reveals itself.
  • 12. Just because someone said something, doesn
  • 13. If you feel relieved, you probably made the right choice.
  • 14. If something doesn



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