Rotimatic Review, FAQs and Discount Code | Everything You Need To Know About Rotimatic
Monsoon Spice
Monsoon Spice
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  • 75 to the readers of Monsoon Spice. Order via https
  • 3. How many rotis can Rotimatic make in one go
  • 4. Size and weight of Rotimatic
  • 7. How easy it is to clean the Rotimatic
  • 2-3 minutes for
  • 6-8 minutes for
  • 10. Can we use any flours
  • 11. Is it just limited to rotis
  • 12. Does it make home style rotis and do they taste good
  • 13. Are the rotis made from Rotimatic thin and soft
  • 14. The edges appear uncooked. Do the rotis come out well cooked
  • 15. Does it always make a round and puffed rotis
  • 16. Is it noisy
  • 18. How and where can I buy Rotimatic
  • 75 when you order via https
  • 19. How long is the warranty
  • 20. Is there a support or after sale team
  • 21. Is it worth the high price
  • 22. I am a pro at making rotis
  • 7.5/10 as the cost, noise and thickness of rotis even at lowest setting are the reasons for lost points



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