Journey through Glacier National Park
Heavens Garden
Heavens Garden
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  • 93 through White
  • 00 am accompanied by the sound of rain hitting the outside of our little cabin in Twin Butte. With the prospect of a breakfast at 8
  • 30 and the almost total assurance that today we will not be able to visit practically anything due to the severe weather over Glacier NP, we are in no hurry to get up, not even to start preparing our luggage.
  • 00 pm when we
  • 30 pm when we are ready to see one or two episodes of Masterchef before turning off the lights. Tomorrow, if everything goes as we expect, at noon the sky should give the starting signal to finally enjoy Glacier NP in all its splendor. We do not see the moment of that happening.
  • 00 in a mysterious cabin. It is the same cabin that we arrived yesterday. This part of the mystery does not make much sense. B
  • 00, but as the minutes pass with us sitting near the heater and laptop in hand begins to populate visitors. The forecast is good, again indicating that at 12
  • 00 the sun will begin to appear.
  • 00 we decided that it is already good and we set course.
  • 00 we left the car sheltered until the eyebrows to face the challenge of the day. We
  • 20 when we can finally get rid of almost half of the costumes and get back into the car, with a temperature of four degrees that is hardly a difference compared to two degrees Celsius with which we started the tour six hours ago.
  • 00 pm when we have left Many Glacier behind, and we do it to park at the supermarket open until 10
  • 00 pm between the four buildings that make up the town of St. Mary. It is not a Walmart but it has enough to cover basic needs such as precooked food, drinks, snacks or protein for cooking.
  • 00 when the park agents update the warning signs of the visitor center, indicating now that it is possible to reach Logan Pass but from there the traffic is still cut. For now it is enough to satisfy our plans, so here we go.
  • 00 when we reach the parking and both the Visitor Center and the extension of the road are closed to our misfortune. After eating in the car rolls of chicken caesar salad I ask a Ranger what he thinks about waiting a little longer in case he opens the road or starts the long detour to the south.
  • 63 mile
  • 30 we believe that we still have time to make a raid to the park from that side before moving away in a southwest direction to Columbia Falls
  • 33 the sun is already preparing for its farewell to the west, so the viewpoints to the valley, with the river meandering several meters below us, are totally tarnished by the resol. It makes no sense to stop to see the Lake Mc
  • 30 pm and a list of restaurants in the area could interest us
  • 00 PM we decided to stop in it first and have dinner before discovering our home for tonight.
  • 10 and according to your answer they would be back at 9
  • 00 when we can finally shower and lock ourselves in our room to start storing clothes in the depths of our suitcases, since after today our particular winter is over. Tomorrow we have a hard, hard day, as hard as driving about 1,000 kilometers west until we reach the Pacific. Today nature has ended. The scenarios have been up to the task, and now it only remains to think that the end is near. We are almost in it.
  • 20 and the car returns to present some ice on it although not in such dramatic amounts as last night we turn on the heat to clear the windows and we hit the road.
  • 30. We overcome the barrier of the remaining
  • 170 mile
  • 30 mile
  • 12 hour
  • 00 pm After a 25
  • 10 pm and despite having no need to get up early the next day, we decided that the day is over. What



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