James-3 Months!
The Cooking Actress
The Cooking Actress
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  • 24 inches (I had to measure him so goodness knows there
  • 13 lbs 1 oz
  • 1 hour and
  • 45 minutes long and then he sleeps at night however long he will go between eating and before his wakeup time at
  • 6 am. He was on a good kick where he just woke up once and it was starting to be later
  • 12, eat and play, nap until 3, eat and play, nap until 5
  • 30, eat and play, nap until 7
  • 30, eat and play, sleep until just before 10pm then I change his diaper and feed him and put him to sleep in his cradle by our bed for the night. He wakes up once to eat (but due to teething also sometimes tries to wake up again and I have to give him the binkie until he drifts back off) and then wakes up for the day again at 6am the next day. His playtimes consist of just talking to and looking at each other, tummy time, his activity gym, and fun stuff like that.



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