Happy New Year! A healthy jump start and our pick of food trends for 2015
Franglais Kitchen
Franglais Kitchen
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  • 15 bloggers will be planning on vegetable packed smoothies and soups for breakfast and lunch and a light supper. We want to make a longer term lifestyle change though
  • 8 Glasses a day of water or herbal tea. Though our morning cup of coffee is sacrosanct. A ritual as well as a little shot of caffeine. Aside from that, I for one will try when I remember, to have a hot water with slice of lemon first thing. It is supposed to be good for the gut, and help balance your acid-alkaline balance. Although as a physician who is constantly monitoring acid-alkaline balance in my patients, I can tell you that your body does a pretty fantastic job of maintaining your acid-alkaline balance more than a glass of lemon infused water can do, but that is just me looking at numbers. If you like the taste and it makes you feel good, go for it.



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