Fish on Friday with Pink Grapefruit and Prawn Salad suitable for 5:2 Diet and Weight Watchers
Lavender and Lovage
Lavender and Lovage
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  • 2 and Weight Watchers
  • 2 Diet and Weight Watchers
  • 2 and Weight Watchers diets
  • 90 calories per portion, which makes it an ideal meal for any dieters, and especially for those struggling to follow the 500 or 600 calories on the 5:2 fasting days diet; it also makes a pleasant change from the usual diet fare, such as crisp breads cottage cheese and “cuppa” soups, although there is nothing wrong with any of those in moderation of course! If you have more calories to burn, by all means add some salad dressing to the salad, in place of the low-fat mayonnaise dip or as well as the dip – this will add on about 6 calories for a fat-free version, such as Kraft Italian vinaigrette with garlic or 61 calories for a creamy one such as Sainsbury’s blue cheese dressing. More information about the 5:2 diet can be found on my two other posts, which also have low-calorie recipes too, here: 5:2 Diet, Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe, Meal Plan Ideas and Calorie Counters and 5:2 Diet, Fast Days & Feast Days and Roast Tomato & Garlic Soup Recipe (70 Calories).
  • 2 and Weight Watchers)
  • Serves
  • 2 large pasties



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