Easy Garlic Knots |  Garlic Dinner Rolls | Eggless Bread Recipe
Cook like Priya
Cook like Priya
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  • 10-12 medium sized knots
  • 1 tsp
  • 2 medium pods, chopped
  • 1. In a mug add
  • 3/4 cup water and microwave it for
  • yeast
  • 5 minutes undisturbed
  • 5 mins you will find the mixture to me slightly foams mix well and set aside for
  • 10 mins to foam up
  • 3. In a large mixing bowl add in the flour, salt and olive oil, make a well in the center and add in the yeast mixture
  • 6. I usually switch on the oven light
  • 7. Once the dough doubles, transfer it to a work surface and knead for
  • 5 minutes Divide the dough into two parts and into
  • 4-6 parts each and roll each part like a rope and tie a knot
  • 9. Once all the knots are done, spray some more cooking spray on them and cover with a damp cloth
  • 10. Once they are risen, preheat the oven to
  • 11. In a skillet add butter once it is melted add in the garlic and cook for
  • 12. Pour this over the half baked rolls and bake for
  • 13. Once the rolls turn golden switch off the oven and remove the baking tray let it sit on a cooling rack for
  • 1. I used sugar while proofing the yeast a little change I made to the original recipe
  • 2. To find warm spot to proof dough I usually turn the oven light on and leave the mixing bowl in the oven without the temperature until it doubles in volume
  • 3. To proof yeast you need to warm water and sprinkle the yeast on the warm water make sure that it is not hot to tough but warm



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