Duck Three Ways Recipe: Duck a l’Orange, Spiced Pulled Duck Leg, Honey & Soy Glazed Duck Roll
Lilinha Angel's World
Lilinha Angel's World
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  • 2 duck legs • 6 tbsp BBQ Sauce • 2 tbsp Water • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar • Cajun spices, to taste Mix all ingredients together and rub it into the duck legs. Cover with foil and cook in oven for about 45 min Honey & Soy Glazed Duck rolls • Savoury pancake mix, with chopped coriander • 1 duck breast • 1 Onion, thinly sliced • 1 Red pepper, thinly sliced • 3 tbsp soy sauce • 3 tbsp honey Make very thin pancakes with chopped coriander. Cook duck breast, pan-fry and cook in oven until cooked. Thinly slice peppers and onions. When duck is ready, slice in thin strips and add to peppers. Add some soya sauce and plum sauce mix well then roll in pancake. Duck a l’Orange • 1 duck breast • ½ Orange, thinly sliced • Thyme, to taste • 1 Orange, juice • 2 large glass red wine • Salt and pepper, to taste Stuff the duck breast with thinly slice oranges. Add some thyme and season. Pan fry in hot pan, skin side first, then put in tray. Glaze the pan with a squeezed orange and red wine, bring to boil. Pour the orange and wine sauce on top of the duck. Place in oven and cook depending on how you like it (around 5 minutes for medium). Crushed new potato • 250g new potato, halved • Onions, finely chopped • Handful of coriander, finely chopped • Olive oil, to taste • Salt and pepper, to taste Boil new potato. When cooked, finely chop onions and coriander, add to potatoes and season. Drizzle some olive oil. Lilinha Angel's World - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog



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