Doodh Peda {Indian Milk Fudge}
At the Corner of Happy and Harried
At the Corner of Happy and Harried
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  • 5 mins Cook time
  • 20 mins Total time
  • 25 mins Soft and creamy melt
  • 24 You will need
  • 2 cups Sweetened condensed milk - 1 can, 400 g Powdered sugar - ¼ cup Salt - a pinch Cardamom powder - ¼ tsp Ghee - 4 tsp, plus extra for greasing Almond flakes - 20-24 How to: Whisk the milk powder, salt and cardamom powder so that there are no lumps. Take this in a large skillet or thick-bottomed pan. Add condensed milk and powdered sugar and whisk together to make a smooth mixture. Start cooking this mixture on low heat. Keep stirring to ensure the mixture does not lump up. When you see the mixture start to leave the sides of the pan (around 10-12 minutes), add the ghee and stir to combine. Cook further till the mixture becomes a thick mass. If you take some between your fingers, you should be able to form a small ball with it. Remove from heat and cool this milk dough for 5 minutes Lightly grease your palms with ghee, pinch small lime-sized balls from the dough and roll into a smooth ball. Slightly flatten it with your fingers and make an indentation in the middle. Place an almond flake in the indentation and set the peda on a greased plate or a piece of parchment paper. Repeat till all the dough is used up. Pedas will be soft initially. Refrigerate them for a while to firm up a bit. Notes: 1. The recipe given here are for pedas of a soft consistency. You can try using lesser amount of condensed milk to make crumbly pedas.2. You can actually shape the pedas any way you want. You can also roll them out and use a cookie-cutter to cut out pedas in different shapes. 3.4.3177



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