20 ways to spot a gluten free person at Christmas
Gluten Free Cuppa Tea
Gluten Free Cuppa Tea
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  • 2. And yes, they will slyly read the ingredients of any edible gifts they receive without you noticing.
  • 3. So you had better hope that you didn
  • 4. If you
  • 5. And they may be a little on edge
  • 6. A dead giveaway is the whirlwind of emotions they feel when you respond to their questions with
  • 7. So they may also arrive with some of their own gluten free food just in case.
  • 8. They may not respond well to the phrase
  • 11. But it
  • 12. They may over
  • 13. Even if it is twice as expensive as the regular version.
  • 14. You actually may not even be able to spot them at the office Christmas dinner outing.
  • 15. But if they are
  • 16. But nothing will beat the sheer joy on their face if you actually do put in the effort to buy them a present they can eat.
  • 17. Or make a few simple adjustments so there
  • 18. Or make them a dessert from scratch that they can eat.
  • 19. Or check with them that they can actually eat at a venue before booking it.
  • 20. And they will be sooooo incredibly grateful that you made them feel normal again at Christmas
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